Stand Still At Pihahiroth

November 4, 2018
From guest speaker, Pastor Tom Faulk of First Baptist Church, Groton, MA
Jesus teaches about the heat by parable, comparing to types of soil that seed may fall on. What type of soil is your heart?
Jesus calls the Disciples unto Him, and still today Jesus is calling His children unto Him. Listen as we learn about Jesus' call.
God has a purpose for you. You are not a mistake, and He wants to use your life! See who He calls in this passage.
Although Jesus was surrounded and the crowd was great, a paralytic man finds himself before Christ through  the faith and determination of his friends.
Jesus' power is stopped by great disease. In this passage we see Jesus healing a man with a disease that no one else could heal, proving His divine power.
This passage shows us two miracles that Jesus performed which teaches us how we can serve others like Jesus did.
Jesus came as a servant, but He was a servant with Authority.
Mark explains the Authority of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
There are only two instances in the Gospels that tell us made Jesus marveled. One was belief, one was disbelief. Will you cause Jesus to marvel because your belief or…