SMBC Summer 2022

I am really excited about summer 2022 at SMBC! I believe God has great things in store! My hope and prayer is always continued spiritual growth as we worship and receive God's Word, encouragement through fellowship together, and evangelism by getting out the gospel. We have opportunity for each of these this summer. We are


2021 Review

I want t to thank you for being a part of SMBC! I believe God did great things in our church and in our hearts this past year, 2021. You are one of those blessings! I am thankful for the spiritual growth that is taking place. That is always my heart's desire, that we continue


Summer Update

This year has been quite the rollercoaster ride. But I'm grateful to God for His un-forsaking presence. Beginning in March, we had to take a step "back", as it may seem, to having online only services. It has been quite a journey getting online services prepared, recorded, and posted. But God has guided and helped


An Expected End

I wanted to take a moment and give an update and word of encouragement. This year has been turned upside down regarding the plans we all have had, and plans and goals I had for our church this year. It seems that this year is kind of a was it... or is it? Jeremiah 29:11


Anniversary Sunday

SMBC was started in 1978, marking 2018 40 years of history. SMBC was started by a man who sensed God's call to leave his home and everything he was familiar with in Oklahoma, and come to Massachusetts, specifically to the Boston MetroWest region, and start a Bible-believing church. Over the years, God has done great

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